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QC Inspection Procedure

2020-06-23 109

●After receiving customer offical order, as per our own order details , checking the cfm sample or seal sample if all correct .(QC should put up suggestions immediately if order or samples have mistakes)

●Cutting die test for all sizes (also confirm the shoe last if match outsole/confirm the full set outsole)

●Urge factory to purchase bulk material/book outsole asap , on the same time , confirm the material color/quality,Also do initial box/carton for confirmation

●Arrange to make all the packing efile . (packing team checking all the efile first , if all correct , then send customer for final approve)

●Supervise to begin upper stitching , confirm the initial pairs

●Keep eyes on production line (confirm last length/packing/assortment / do shoe power test and outsole abrasion test )

●Customer inspect goods (the third party inspection ) or QC inspection goods by themselves

●Take back the production sample / update the file for record